Persianate Global Network (PGN)

Persianate Global Network was formed in early 2012 as a 501c not-for-profit organization at Washington DC. While it follows the mission of Persian Gender Network but acts as a separate entity.

A multitude of organizations and individuals work on gender issues in Persian-speaking countries. However, they are not as connected to each other as they could be. The mission of Persianate Global Network (PGN) is to establish a link and be a focal point among these practitioners, researchers, academicians, civil society, policy makers, and advocates, so that they can capitalize on their collective knowledge and synergize each other's work and efforts.

The initial focus of PGN's work program is around women's economic empowerment through employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship. It aims to serve Persianate women.

The network is set out to:

  • Establish a broad and diverse membership;
  • Identify and map out individual and organizational expertise across the globe;
  • Launch a comprehensive e-Library;
  • Provide a periodic conference.

PGN refrains from political and ideological issues.

Note: Persian Gender Network was initiated and funded by the World Bank and operated by the Tunisia-based Center for Arab Women's Training and Research (CAWTAR).